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Enhancing the
Construction Experience

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Jeff Iisakka

President, JBI Construction Adviser, LLC

Jeff’s mission is to enhance the construction experience by improving the quality of construction documents and inspiring continuous improvement in the building construction industry.

An accomplished contractor, Jeff taps into his decades of experience to provide unique insight into what type of valuable information is required on construction documents. With 42 years in the industry, Jeff is an expert at drafting, reviewing and critiquing plans, in addition to constructing from plans.

How JBI can Help Your Business
List of Services

JBI Construction Adviser works with owners, developers, architects and contractors to identify and address inaccurate or missing design details to improve project efficiency, quality, cost and satisfaction.


Investing in JBI in the preconstruction phase is an investment in successful project collaboration. Jeff will help you deliver a project that meets or exceeds every metric for budget, schedule, quality and satisfaction.

Document Review

enhancing the main communication tool used in the building construction



assisting commercial and residential owners complete a successful project while reducing risk

Training and Mentoring

enhancing the skills of client’s personnel through continuous improvement

Consulting Services

solve ongoing commercial and residential building problems - lend expertise and drafting services for residential homes

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