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Enhancing the
Construction Experience

JBI Construction Adviser

Document Review

Jeff conducts thorough reviews of construction documents from a construction contractor’s
perspective, legibly marking them with comments and suggested corrections. Documents are returned
to the client, who can have the changes incorporated prior to bidding, final cost estimating and


Jeff provides construction document risk assessment training to provide A/E firms and others the
opportunity to enhance their document development and review skills.

Owner Advocacy

Jeff provides owner representation on both commercial and residential projects to ensure the owner's budget, schedule, and quality expectations are delivered from the planning phase through construction. He evaluates the risks on your project and offers risk management opportunities.

Additional Consulting Services

With experience in both drafting and construction, Jeff can help assess and solve ongoing building and site concerns for insurance companies, commercial building owners, and home owners.

Having designed and built numerous homes, Jeff lends expertise and drafting services for residential home projects.

Providing Critical Support
JBI Partners

Working as a partner and extension of your team, JBI helps clients deliver a project that meets or exceeds every metric for budget, schedule, quality and satisfaction.

To Architects – who strive to produce a complete set of construction documents at the highest level of


To Contractors – who understand that quality preconstruction planning and clarity promotes a highly productive and seamless construction phase.

To Building Owners – who will appreciate advocacy in the complicated, technical and risky world of construction to ensure they receive value for their great investment.


To Real Estate Developers – who, as building owners, engage in the building construction industry through collaboration with both designers and contractors.

Why You Need JBI
The Benefits

Building industry professionals know that quality documents promote lower costs, less risk, more confidence, shorter construction durations, and greater project harmony. JBI Construction Adviser addresses critical gaps in the information transfer from design to construction implementation.

Design document deficiencies are an unfortunate reality of today’s world. Lack of detail, quality, completeness, and coordination of construction documents threaten that success. Multiple factors may contribute to these deficiencies:


  • Drafting technicians may not have proper training or experience to provide the necessary information required by the document users.

  • Plan checkers may not have proper training, experience or time to effectively review documents.

  • Existing site conditions may not be fully vetted or discovered prior to completing the design documents.

Whatever the cause, the result is a general frustration by all parties, exposure to greater risk, higher bids, more change orders, cost overruns and increased confrontation among industry partners.

Managing Risk Exposure
If something is not built correctly, there are numerous opportunities for products and installation methods to fail, thus causing great risk to many parties involved.

Short-Term Risk
Document deficiencies discovered during the construction process necessitate issuance of Requests for Information (RFI’s), which in turn slow progress, add expense and threaten the client’s budget, schedule and expectation of quality.

Long-Term Risk
In addition, unaddressed document deficiencies correlate with a higher risk of material and building component failures, water infiltration, thermal transfer issues and numerous other calamities that can impact the bottom line of a business. An independent and professional analysis should be conducted on all plans and specifications at the appropriate time, searching for inconsistencies and missing or incorrect information. Most businesses don’t have the expertise, manpower or time to complete thorough document reviews. JBI Construction Adviser is part of an effective risk management approach.


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